Although 2020 has been a challenging year, with every hurdle we face, there is a silver lining. The take  away from the COVID pandemic is that there is nothing more important than the families we cherish and the  communities in which we live. As we enter into 2021, The Ortman Group is committed to making it a year full of  lifting those around us who need support in so many ways.  

Our intention over the next year, and going forward, is to contribute to local small businesses, organizations, and  charitable foundations that seek to help people rise above adversity. And also, to make a difference in the world  around us by giving back. 

The Ortman Group is pledging monthly to provide aide and exposure to businesses and organizations to foster  growth in the community and highlight their engagement for the betterment of us all. We will ask for your help to  support them as well.  

When you join our family as either a buyer or a seller, we invite you to request a donation to any charitable  foundation that speaks to you. We hope that we can be your voice to say thank you for those who seek to  create good will and change in the community around us. And throughout the year, we invite and encourage you  to reach out and vote for your cause today.  

We hope that the New Year will bring with it a resolve to partner together to do some really life changing things